Faith Seeking Belief

Do you ever struggle with matters of faith? Or wonder why you believe what you do (or don’t), and whether it really matters? Are we always (or ever) able to simply choose what we believe? If not, what impact does that have on our ability to have faith, if any? Must genuine faith always be free from doubt? What if you’re just honestly unsure about it all? Can one truly be both a Christian and an agnostic at the same time? If so, how? And what does it really mean to have faith, anyways?

In Faith Seeking Belief, Bryan N. Smith presents an academic treatise in analytic philosophy of religion which seeks to wrestle with precisely such questions while also offering a fresh approach to answering them. Ultimately arguing that genuine faith can be, and in fact often times is, expressed even in the absence of belief, he concludes that Christian agnosticism is a plausibly viable option which may not only provide significant benefits for apologetics and evangelism, but may also offer much needed encouragement and hope for seekers and believers who find themselves plagued with doubts.

Engaging, provocative, and full of insight, Faith Seeking Belief presents a timely and thought-provoking perspective on the matter which is sure to pique the interest of contemporary philosophers, theologians, and laypersons alike.

Publisher: Lighthouse Rock Publishing

Release Date: October 2017